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Hi guys,

New update on my 737 simulator project. So I’m almost finished with my MIP. The only thing I need to do now is to make a bracket for the monitors to mount them in my MIP. After that is done I’m able to wire all the cables to my OC interface cards. When that’s done I’m able to work with Prosim, the point where the fun starts :P. So that is my schedule for now. I hope to work on my simulator soon. (school Holliday is coming soon, which is a good time to work on my simulator)

The past several weeks I’ve been working on my guide how to setup a SIOC v2.0. Not finished yet, but it wouldn’t take a long time before it’s finished. Now I know that most of the menu pages aren’t finished yet or don’t have a content yet. So I hope to do that soon, but I’ll do that after my Mip is completed. (you must set some priorities in your live) So be aware, it’s on it’s way.


Another thing about Prosim. In my opinion the best software for cockpitbuilders yet. I’ve done a little bit of research, which was stupid because the time I’ve been using I could have finished my MIP. The thing I founded I just want to share with you:

prosim utils.png

Its all about airports. You might know the feeling when you travel, and you’re walking through an airport you see screens that shows all the arrivals, departures and delayed flights etc. I’ve now founded almost the same screen working on Prosim. It’s genuis because if you use Prosim CDU, you can prepare your the whole flight. That screen is directly connected with Prosim, and therefor shows directly your flight as part of the upcoming departures, and if necessary as delayed, arrived etc. The “add-on” called ProSim Utils, made by a Portuguese cockpitbuilder, requires a little bit of knowledge of HTML programming. Don’t know anything about HTML yet? You can learn it here. More about this wonderful add-on on the ProSim menu beneath Software -> ProSim737. (No content yet but comes soon, when the MIP is finished!)

The Package

In my last blog posting I’ve told you about the package, which I’ve just received. The package included the new ADFS and a set MIP knobs. I’ve just fitted the ADFS in my frame. Here are some pictures:

I’ve just removed the MIP from its frame to do some cutting to where the monitors have to be fitted. I hope to mount them in the MIP soon . It’s really busy at this time, the only days I could work are on saturdays and in the holidays. Luckily the school holidays start in about two weeks :).

So I hope I’ve informed you enough. If you have any question don’t hesitate asking.
Hope to write you soon!
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