One of the best idea from daddy

Hi everyone,

Herewith a post on my 737 simulator project. The past two months were very busy with school, sport etc. So I didn’t had many time left for my sim. But I continued my work on my MIP. I’ve completely mounted my MIP on my wooden framework, but I had a problem. I was quite confusing because there were a lots of small splits between the five plates. I thought that looks quite ugly. I couldn’t move the plates anymore cause of the holes I’ve drilled in the framework. So I had to find a solution for this problem.

My dad came with a briljant idea. He said I need to buy an aluminium plate, where I could mount the MIP on. So that’s what I did; bought an aluminium plate as big as the complete MIP. I hope to finish cutting and drilling holes in the plate soon, and mount the MIP in front. As soon as this is done, I will post some pictures of it :).

Furthermore, I’ve edited my website and made some changes in the design, footbar, and made the website completely reposive. What means that the website now automaticly resizes on different devices like Phone, tablet, PC. They all have got other pixels (length & weight of the device) and now the website automaticly resizes :).
I hope you like these changes. To get some feedback if will be appreciated you could fill the form beneath:). thanks a lot! :).

Speak to you  later!
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