Still alive with a new office

Hi everyone,

Just a regular update on my 737 project. For the past several weeks I’ve bin busy to disassemble my complete simulator cause of the fact I moved. Not just a usual move from town to town, bur in my case I moved from the Netherlands to London in the United Kingdom. What took me a lot of time and energy, but luckily I’m almost settled down right now.

I’m in the UK for almost tree weeks and really enjoying. It’s just a lovely, beautiful ¬†country with nice people. There is still a lot to do in and around the house. Luckily I’ve got ten weeks holiday so I’ve got more then enough time to work om my simulator. ( I hope )

The Main Instrument Panel is on it’s metal frame right now, and will be mount soon after my ten days holiday in France. So it’s just the electric part what needs to be done and of course the MIP plates, who need to be screwn back on it’s frame.

Once this part is done I’ll sit behind my PC, design some PCB, design some stuff like lasercut panels, work on my website etc.

Once the wifi is working at home I’ll post some pictures token with my camera from the move on Facebook. Here are some pictures I’ve token with my mobile phone:


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Sorry for eventual typos, I wrote this on my mobile phone.

One thought on “Still alive with a new office

  1. Hi Jasper,
    I have just read through your entire blog. Very interesting!! You have made so much progress in the last 15 months. I wish you every success as your 737 Simulator project continues.
    Doug, your new neighbor

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