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My flight simulator out for a test flight

Hi everyone,

How are you all doing? Hope your are well.

A new post, this time from another domain. I’m was considering to buy a domain name for quite some time now, but when there was a great deal on a hosting platform I did it. I hope you all like the “new” website and I’ll promise you, it wouldn’t change anymore! My email address also changed to

So I’m settling in now, school started off again. And I’m again very busy at the moment to get used to the language, the new environment etc. However, this doesn’t mean that I didn’t have time to work on my simulator. I had enough time for connecting and testing and to get my sim for a test flight. However, this didn’t go as smooth as I wished it would. It actually didn’t go well at all.

When I started my computer, the first thing that didn’t start was Flight Simulator itself. Just as the complete ProSim suite and displays. So I needed to start the applications manually. However that’s not a big issue, but later, when I had everything running (FS, ProSim, IOPC etc.) I realized that the switches on the main instrument panel didn’t work. So I need to figure out what the problem is there, because I made a script for SIOC, assigned the switches in PS and I have a fully version of FSUIPC, so in theory everything need to work, but it doesn’t. So I contacted ProSim about this problem and hope to hear from them quite soon.
Another problem which I experienced, were the LED lights. For some reason, they didn’t light up. So I contacted Opencockpits and told them about it and they told me that I’m missing a critical part of the electronic setup; the power supply. So I need to wait until the power supply arrives.

But during the time I’m waiting for the power supply to arrive, I have something to work on and that is called the sidewall liners. I’ve got the inspiration from a Belgium builder; And because I have still some wood laying around in the garage I thought I should build one. So that’s what I started working on now. And as you can see in the picture below I still need to cut a wooden plate to cover the CDU bay, and I hope to do that in the next upcoming days! Keep an eye on my Facebook page where I will post a picture once I’m finished.

Furthermore, I realized that I can’t keep on flying with the joystick, with the integrated throttle as I’m using right now. So I need to get a yoke and a throttle in the future. I’m considering to buy a throttle, but because of the price range, I might try to build the throttle myself. And again I realized that this is a prototype and that I’ll consider building another MIP with an aluminum framework later on.

So there is a lot to do in the future. I’ll hope to speak to you soon!


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