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We solved the SIOC problem! February 2017

Hi folks,

As you may have seen in my previous blog post I had some trouble with SIOC and my expansion card. This half term I had an appointment with Alejandro, from Opencockpits support, via TeamViewer and we solved the problem. I am really pleased with the help he provided. However, I figured out that one of my rotary switches has a short circuit. So I have to remove the plate in order to be able to remove the switch. I assume that the circuit is in the switch itself as I have tried to connect it to other connections on the input card. Not a major problem, but needs to be fixed.

Also now SIOC monitor is working I am able to test my LED lights for the first time after the power supply arrived. I did notice that not all of the LEDs are working properly, I am not sure if that is because of my soldering skills or if it is just gone wrong in the factory. So most of the LEDs need to be soldered again. Right now, I ‘ve got two LED lights working and the result is awesome. (See pictures below).

This time I did shoot a video to show you around and explain to you which problems I faced and how I solved them, as I find it hard to explain in words. So please take some time and watch my video as it gives some more detail on the SIOC problem.

I also did have some time to sit behind my computer and think about the next steps I would like to take my simulator and came to the conclusion that my next step would be to build an aluminium MIP because I realised that this is a prototype model. After I built the MIP, I would like to build a platform/shell to be able to build an overhead. Than, once I have finished building the overhead, I would like to carry on the throttle and pedestal. However, I hope to finish this MIP very soon because I do realize that it took me some time to build this MIP, and because of the move had to start almost over. And I am aware of the fact that I didn’t made much progress in the last month due to the SIOC problem. Therefore I am very pleased that the problem is solved right now so I can make progress again. Thank you Alejandro so much, I really appreciate your help.

I hope to speak to you soon again!


Jasper – – sponsored by ProSim, FlightSimulatorParts and Opencockpits


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