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As a birthday gift for my fifteenth birthday my uncle gave me a computer I could use for my simulator, which he did not use anymore and wanted to get rid of as they switched houses. As my uncle lives in Holland, it wasn’t that easy to go and collect my present, so I needed to wait for the next time we went to Holland, and then on our way back needed to collect the PC from him. And so we did, I appreciate my present very much and really enjoy it as I can now use my personal computer standalone whilst flying the sim. This is how the PC looks like:

So I installed a fresh Windows 8.1 (not windows 10 because it isn’t the newest anymore) and copied the ProSim files, did some modifications and I was good to go. I am still waiting for a HDMI to VGA adapter because it only has got one slot, that I can connect all three of the MIP monitors to the PC.

Soon I could crack on with the soldering of the LEDs and one switch. However, because I still don’t get the hang of soldering, I couldn’t get it soldered. The tin wouldn’t stick to the metals and I tried so many times that I even burned through one of those switches. (see picture below) So luckily I heard something about a method to avoid soldering but still connect the switch and wire using something similar to cable ties. So I have to investigate on that, and I will come back to that on my next post.

Furthermore, I have bought a ProSim737 Flight Model and installed it to my flight simulator and it works absolutely incredible! I now need to figure out how to add different liveries, but that wouldn’t be a big task as there is a good and clear description on their website.


I’ve also made a “hub” to power the LEDs as there is only one ground connector on the output card from OC. This is how it looks like:

I have used clips to connect the different connections with each other (if that makes sense) so I can then connect all those individual LEDs to this hub and power them. This box used to be a connector for different wires to a VGA input connected to a pc to power them. I removed the VGA connector in order to be able to work with this hub. I hope to inform you more about this hub soon as I got it connected and the individual LEDs are all soldered.

I hope to speak to you soon!

Jasper – – sponsored by ProSim, FlightSimulatorParts and Opencockpits

Vatsim page updated with tutorials to learn communicate with the ATC.

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