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Summer 2017 – Sim out for a test flight and a 737 CDU

So for the past few weeks I’ve been very busy with school, and all of the end of year exams. So now those exams are left behind, I can now start focussing on working and finishing of my MIP panel.

Last week I’ve been doing work experience, at a company that builds parts like aircraft platforms that allows the engineers to work on the aircrafts engine, where I’ve learnt some useful skills for my simulator. One of the things I’ve learnt there is how to use a 3d modelling software (CAD software), as I spent some time with the design team. This can be very useful as I can now use those skills to design an overhead framework, a MIP framework out of aluminium etc. I really enjoyed working there and hope to apply the skills I’ve learnt there to my simulator. The 3D modelling software is called Autodesk Inventor (if you’re interested in what its called), and is very easy to use and there are a lot of tutorials online that can help you understand the software. Here are some picture on what you can do with the software.

Furthermore, I’ve bought an app for my IPhone / IPad called 737 CDU. This app is a virtual 737 CDU compatible with ProSim that allows me to do all the stuff I would normally do with a 737 CDU from my IPhone / IPad. Very useful app as its only for sale for GBP 2 and does exactly the same as an Opencockpits (or similar company) CDU. (See pictures below). A good tutorial to set this app up and get it working can be found here: . I just want to thank Bernie who helped me set this up.

I’ve also cut out a plate that covers the CDU bay as it is empty right now. I still need to give it some paint but that wouldn’t be a big issue. Furthermore, I’ve spent some time trying to solder those LED indicators and the last switch (auto brake switch) but did not work out successfully. I’ve tried three different types of soldering tins but all of them don’t work. Lastly, the 3rd monitor that should cover the first officers screen is still not working. I think this is cause my graphics card can’t handle three monitors, as all the three ports are connected to the GPU. I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect the monitor but that does not make any difference. I think the best way forward is to get an USB to VGA adapter that simply allows me to create a 3rd monitor throughout a USB.

All with all I was able to make a test flight with my simulator so far. Here are some pictures:

If anything is unclear or you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me on (or use the contact page) or leave a comment below.

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