My name is Jasper, I'm 14 years old and born in South-Africa. I currently live in the United Kingdom.
I'm currently busy to build my own simulator at home. I was always into aviation, since I was a boy. As from a baby I flew many times. I once said: "When I'm just as big as you daddy, I want to be a pilot.".
One day I flew back to South-Africa for a visit, and I was allowed to have a look in the cockpit, thanks to my air hostess aunt who flew with me that flight. That moment reinforced my dream to be a pilot.
One day I was exploring the web, when I saw a clip of a simulator where they were training pilots in. That moment I knew what I wanted; my own simulator. As from that moment the project started for me. (June 2015)

My choice for this aircraft

I have chosen the 737 because of the available books, tutorials and video’s about the cockpit, procedures and information about the plane itself. This was not the only reason why I choose this wonderful aircraft, the available hardware and software was also something to look at while planning the sim build. The market for the 737 is huge compared to others like the DC7. And to be honest it is just a wonderful airplane and gives you a huge, full-filling feeling when you fly this aircraft. And if there is one plane people build, it’s the 737.

The aircraft


Build by Boeing and manufactured in the USA this is the 737.

The idea was to make a true short-haul jet to complete with the Carravelle, an French made passenger jet, and other similar aircrafts. The designers Joseph Sutter and Jack Steiner began to work on this project in November 1964. The original specifications for the jet was a capacity of about 60-85 passengers, an operating range of between 100 and 1000 nm and be able to break at a 35% load factor. On the final design, the number of seat was increased to 100.

The first flight was made on 9th of April 1967, just after two years after the project launch. Captain on the first flight was Boeing’s assistant director of flight operations, Mr. Brien Wygle (left) and co-pilot chief test pilot Mr. Lew Wallick (right). The plane took of from Boeing’s field and flew to Paine Field. Once the plane was on the ground captain B. Wygle said:
‘I hate to quit, the airplane is a delight to fly.’

The earliest models of the 737’s had some problems. These problems include a clamshell door thrust reversers that absolutely didn't work well/properly which came from the 727. A shimmy in the landing gear, but the captain on the test flight Brien said: ‘It was a good airplane from the start.’


These days we fly in this baby; the 737NG.

One of the worlds most sold aircraft in the world. And I must say it is a beauty of an airplane. With two CFM56-7B made by CFaero which could each provide 19 500 to 27 300 lbf (86.7kN to 121 kN), an improved efficiency and lower maintenance cost than the original 737, this makes the experience of flying just great. It has an improved range, which is now greater with 900 nm, can carry more people and a refreshed cockpit, this is modern flying.
The 737 you are the most likely to fly in.

Lessons learned:

During the process of building my own simulator I have learned that:

  • The electronics is an in important part
  • Some websites are unfinished or not up to date
  • It is a never ending story
  • It costs a lot of money
  • Home made saves money, but does not always reach the expectations for the more realistic and ready to use hardware
  • Hardware and software must be compatible
  • It takes a lot of time, even when it looks so easy on websites
  • Keep it simple, how more complex you make it yourself, you are less likely to succeed
  • You need a lot of patience

Special thanks to:

  • My sponsors, who are willing to help me out with my project
  • My family, for (trying) to keep me positive when thing don't go as I want it to.
  • My electric engineer cousin Werner who helps me with my electronics problems, and helps me creating PCB boards
  • My uncle Jos, who learned my how to solder
  • The community, who inspires me and helps me to find a solution for my problem
  • Kjetil, who was my inspiration behind everything I am doing right now.
  • Everyone who is reading my blog



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