Main Instrument Panel

For this prototype Main Instrument Panel I have used the full MIP from FlightSimulatorParts, and Opencockpits IO cards.
The software used to interface all the hardware I have used SIOC (OC standard software, required by ProSim737) and ProSim 737 for the displays and the interaction with Prepared3D.

I’ve received a lot of emails from you guys asking how to build the MIP and asked for the drawings, so I thought I should clear these up for you and because of that I have made this file for you to download. The MIP framework itself is from MDF. In order to build the framework you need two plates with the dimensions of 244*122 cm, and I suggest to use the 15mm thick one because if you use the thinner versions, you will lose stability and your plates will lean on each other which deforms the MIP (trust me, I have done this, so I switched to the 15mm and now I don’t have any problems anymore). When you are buying these plates, in most cases the shop can cut it for you in the right shape and dimensions, and in most cases for free. I have simply done this because it did not fit in the car and the lines/ angles are much sharper because they have the right machinery.