My Flightsimulator computer setup

Startup/ shutdown:


computers2In a home cockpit there are in most  cases multiple computers running the simulator. An average flightsimulator has 3 to 4 computers. To let all the software and hardware working we’ve got multiple applications which together make the complete simulator running. With the advanged software and harware we’ve got now we can launch all this application automaticly when we startup our FlightSimulator. Before we needed to open the application manually which costed a lot of time. However these day after the revolution of FSUIPC we can now open all this applications when we startup our FS client. We want our PC’s to startup when we press the startup button on the main pc, and open all the application needed to run our cockpits. And once we’re finished with flying we want all the computers to shut down automaticly. We don’t need multiple keyboards and mice to enter all the flight data to the different computers. We can now do this all with one press on a button. So lets get started.

Software needed:

To get this working we need a registered version of FSUIPC (with WideFS), Notepad++ and Teamviewer and of course some time and effort.


During this time of flightsimming we already know that FSUIPC made a huge change to the world of FS. I personally think that FSUIPC is the second most important part of FlightSim after the FSclient (FSX, FS9, P3D, X-PLANE). The possibilities of FSUIPC are comprehensive. Most people aren’t aware of the possibilities of FSUIPC so for them I recommend to read the manual because it can give you ideas or help to solve your problems.

We already know that FSUIPC is an add-on for FS what has an built in server client (Wide FS) what can connect to the client pc’s (Wide FS), what makes the main pc a remote for the rest of the software.

The Wide FS server client is located in the FSUIPC folder called “modules” which can be found under the FS install map (e.g. C:/PROGRAM FILES (X86)/LOCKHEED MARTIN/PREPARD 3D/MODULES). And the Wide FS client could be found wherever you pasted the folder on your client pc’s.


To open the different application we need to tell the software what to do. To complete this we need to edit a .ini file. In my case I need to edit FSUIPC4.ini because I’m using P3D. Each FS has a different .ini file, to find the file that matches your FS I suggest you to go to their website and find out what your file is called.

Important! To tell the software which program it needs to open we need a registered version of FSUIPC. If you don’t have one I recommend buying one, just google FSUIPC and you will find their website and from their you can purchase their product.


First of all I would like you to open Notepad++ . Press the button open file, go to your modules file in FS and type in the search bar FSUIPC4.ini  (or your .ini file name if your using a different FS). Once you’ve done this you will see a screen looking like this:

What I want you to do now is scroll down to the bottom of the page and add the following:


Run1=READY,CLOSE,D:/ProSim737/ProSimMCP/ProSimMCP.exe Run2=READY,CLOSE,D:\Prosim737\ProsimDisplay\ProsimDisplay.exe
etc. – add eventual more application you want to open on your FS Pc

This phrase tells the PC that when the FS starts up he needs to open this application and when it shuts down it needs to close this application. Make shure you enter your application directory you want to open here, if your not shore what to write I suggest to go to your desktop, press the right button on your mouse and press shortcut, then click on browse and find the application you want, it would then give a phrase with the direction of your application, copy that phrase and paste it after the comma.

Then go through you script and look for [WideServer], if you found it add this to your script:

AllowShutdown=YES (this allows the FSPC to shut down)
AutoShutdown=YES (this allows the client pc’s to shut down after fs has shut down)
ShutDownHotKey= your hotkey format (the same as Shift+Ctrl+E, allow the FSPC and client PC’s to shut down after the hotkey is pressed)

Once your finished press save.

Now you have something look like this:

Congratulations your FS-pc is now setup, time to setup windows that it automaticly open FS when you startup your PC.

To do this go to your desktop, press windows+R, a bar would appear and type in shell:startup . Then it would open a folder what is called start-up. All we need to do here is press the right button on your mouse, click shortcut and browse for your FS.exe application. Press enter and it would add the shortcut to the start-up folder. If your using PMDG see the next step, if you don’t skip the next step. The next step is to let windows run FS in administrator modes, so PMDG can add its working files. To do this highlight the shortcut. Press again the right click on your mouse and click on properties press compatibility and tick the box what says “Run as administrator” then press change this for all users and then apply and ok.

Now your finished! Your pc would now automatically open FS when you start it up, and open all the other applications automaticly when FS is up and running!

MY FS (Main) computer:

My computer is made of the following parts:

If you have any further question, or you have problems getting this working, you can always mail me at , or fill in the contact form under the contact page.