Please see dimensions above. All the panels are MDF 15mm, available at your local DIY store.

Cut the panels out in the right shapes.

Than once finished cutting, add four of these wooden blocks to your front and backpanel (if that makes sense), this is because screws split the MDF wood itself and this panel prevents that as the screws are drilled in.

Than add the side panels to one of the panels. I suggest to put the panels upside down as it makes the surface area smooth and screw the screws carefully in their place.

Than add the last panel to the rest of the framework.

Than add some of this white¬†plastering stuff to the corners as it plasters the surface and makes it smooth. Be careful with picking the right one, some are acid and eat from the wood, this one isn’t. By plastering you will smoothen the surface area which would look good as you’re going to paint it later on.

You can add one of these brackets on top of your pedestal. I skipped this step, as my pedestal is a prototype.

Add the front firebox box (if that makes sense)

Next step is to paint the box itself. I first put in in a layer that is special made for MDF, as MDF sucks lots of water, normal paint will require tree or more layers, with this one only two. After I’ve added the first special layer, and it was dry, added the white layer to the box.

That’s it you’ve built your own pedestal. now you can add all your radios!