ProSim737 Setup 


Table of content:

  1. Introduce
  2. How does it work? What does it cost?
  3. ProSim Suite
  4. ProSim Display
  5. ProSim MCP
  6. ProSim CDU
  7. ProSim Panel
  8. ProSim Audio
  9. ProSim IOS
  10. Setup
  11. ProSim Utils


ProSim is a professional cockpit software suite made by Marty Bochane. Solely made for the Boeing 737 800 aircraft. It replicates the real avionics, which is required on the flight deck. It’s designed to simulate the aircraft systems, such as hydraulics, bleed air, electrical, fuel, flight management, autopilot, cockpit displays and more. It allows the integration and interfacing of the cockpit hardware into MS FSX, Lockheed Martin’s P3D and Laminar Research’s X-Plane. The developers (ProSim-AR) are based in Rotterdam, Holland. ProSim is also officially Boeing licensed.


The only requirement I’ll recommend you is to have a computer that runs FS smoothly, with a static IP-Address (only if you want to run ProSim at more than one computer) and a registered version of FSUIPC. If you want to have a several computers (or multiple) you must have a Wi-Fi connection or have an Ethernet connection that the computers can communicate with each other.

How does it work?

ProSim is a driver itself what means that there’s no other software what you should purchase/install before you can get the software working. All you have to do is go to the ProSim website, go to the download page, select the suite and download it. After the download is complete you must go to the page where you’ve downloaded ProSim in. Then unzip all the contents what are inside the ZIP-folder. Once you’ve completed it, you’re good to go.

What I’ve stated already, that ProSim has split all the avionics of the 737 into multiple applications, and they can communicate with each other by the internet. It only works when you’ve made a static IP-Address. That means that several PC’s (in this example two) can communicate with each other by changing the IP- Address. Par example an IP-Address could be something like 192.737.8.123. If you want to make a static IP you must change the last two numbers of the IP address of the PC where you want to talk with. This sounds quite difficult but I’ll show you what I mean. Par example PC 1: 192.737.8.123 PC 2: 192.737.8.159 will be ok because all the numbers before the last two are exactly the same. That’s what they mean with a static IP-Address. More about this beneath the Setup heading.

What does it cost?

€600.- + VAT* – 3 in 1 Complete software suite (Display+CDU+MCP)
€60.- + VAT* – 737-800 Flight Model
*visit their webshop for the latest VAT/Tax price.

Get a 30 days free trail now!

Shipping and handling

There’s no shipping and handling cost because ProSim-AR         delivers their license by mail. The license is just a normal .txt file with a decoded code in it what you must paste in the suite folder. Once you’ve done that, your licensed ProSim737 is completely workingJ.

ProSim737 Suite (Main Application)


We have a heart, the most important part of your body. In this simulation, is the ProSim737 Suite the most important part of the complete software. It communicates with FS, changes, reads, and writes assignments in FS. All the other PS applications come all together here. This application makes it possible to interface all your hardware directly to FS. If this software wasn’t there you must program your complete cockpit in a scripting language like HTML or C++. If this application/ software wasn’t so reliable, robust, well tested, well organized and easy to work with problems may develop which ultimately will lead you into a minefield of frustration and confusion as you attempt to unravel the intricacies of the Boeing avionics system. So when this software came out it was a kind of a revolution in the cockpit builder’s world. Almost everyone who has built their own cockpit or is busy to build their own cockpit uses ProSim737. This main application only works when you have a registered version of FSUIPC. So if you have just your standard version of FSUIPC, what is included when you buy P3D, it will work but it doesn’t have the full features!

ProSim Display

ProSim Display is an application what intricacies the MIP displays of the Boeing 737. It’s one application that can replicate all the screen apart of the complete MIP including the Lower Eicas and standby gauges. This is an amazing application. When I’ve mounted my monitors behind my Main Instrument Panel. I’ve made for all the monitor (4 in total) and apart folder with the ProSim Display application in it for all the different monitors like Captain, F/O, Center and Lower Eicas. Then selected all the screens on the menu page (when you press the right mouse button) who were necessary and used their kind of a drag and drop edit thing to move the screens into the best position and used to scroll wheel on my mouse to make the displays bigger or smaller. Very nice application and easy to use.

ProSim MCP

ProSim MCP is an application what intricacies the Mode Control Panel, better known as the Autopilot, with both Efis. And could be connected to many available MCP (hardware like OC MCP, Simworld MCP p&p etc. ) This application is highly recommended to run on the same PC as the main suite runs.

ProSim CDU

ProSim CDU is an application that simulates the operation and display of the FMC and CDU. It comes with a standard included 2D panel where you can fill your flight information in if you don’t have any CDU hardware yet. If you have bought CDU hardware, it connects to your hardware directly and you can run the CDU if you want on another computer by a network. Just make a static IP-address and your good to go! Once you have connected you CDU hardware, you can take the on-screen panel and remove all the buttons, and move the display itself to the screen on your CDU. Note: if your screen can show colors than you just enable the “Use color” option when you press right click.

ProSim Panel

ProSim Panel is an application that shows the status of various hardware panels in your cockpit. The panels you can chose are the Forward Overhead, After Overhead, Pedestal, and MIP. Par example if you don’t have an Overhead, then you just mount a (touch) screen on the place where the overhead normally comes and you open the PS Panel application, you can interact with the virtual switches PS given you. But if you have any hardware, you hardware input status will override any action/ assignments you make on the 2D panel.

ProSim Audio

ProSim Audio is an application that plays sounds (what the name already says) from another PC. It’s also able to play sounds you’ve added. You can add sounds with a .wav ending.

ProSim Instructor Station

ProSim IOS is a web-based controlling for editing most of the basic features in FS, like pushback, flight plan, Normal or EFIS MIP screens etc. IT’s included in the ProSim 737 Suite application. If you want to open IOS the only thing you need to do is go to your web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explore etc.) and type in the IPADDRESS: PORTNUMBER so the IP address of the computer where you run FS on is different than the mine, so the way you can find your IP Address for PS IOS is to open the PS Suite application on the PC where you run FS. Then click on HELP -> WEB ACCESS and click on base URL, something like https://737.800.738:7378 . And you’re good to go!


First of all, you need to make a static IP address on the PC you want to use for your cockpit. You can see a good tutorial here. Once you’ve made the first static IP address on your FS PC and you want to make another static IP on another PC what you want to use for showing the MIP screens the only thing you need to do when you must type the static IP address in is to make exact the same IP address as the FS PC, but then the last three numbers you need to change.

Par example:

FS PC IP address:


Second PC MIP: or or will work fine but 737.800.8.7378 will not work together with the FS PC cause of the fact that the first seven variables aren’t the same as the FS main PC.

Note: you can’t use the same IP address twice!!!

Once you’ve completed this setup on all the pc’s you need to insert all this information in the PS applications, who you run on another PC then the FS PC. So you open the PS application you want to use, then press the right button on your mouse and then select setup. A bar will appear where you need to insert the IP-Address. Then insert the IP of your FS PC, repeat that for all the application’s on all the pc’s except the FS PC, insert your hardware to the necessary application’s and you’re good to go!
See the pictures beneath to see how you need to insert the IP-addresses in PS applications.

ProSim Utils

If you have any futher question don’t hestitate to send me an email!